Sample Prayers

A Prayer for Today (a Daily Prayer)

God, today I dedicate my mind to you. I want to think on things that are good, right, pure, and excellent.  I want to take captive any thoughts that aren’t from you. I want to remember your past faithfulness when I am tempted to doubt.

Today, I dedicate my eyes to you. I want to see others the way that you see them.  I want to view my circumstances through the lens of hope and faith.  I want to look as life as one who is confident that you are with me.

Today, I want to dedicate my ears to you.  I want to hear your voice above all the others clamoring for my attention.  I want to listen to you and to honor others by listening well to them.

Today, I dedicate my mouth to you.  I want my words to be life-giving.  I want to speak honestly and sincerely.  Let my words edify  and be full of grace.  I want to think before I speak.  I want to let others have the last word.

Today, I dedicate my heart to you. I want my heart to be pure and undivided. I want to master my emotions, not serve them.  I want my dreams and desires to please you.

Today I dedicate my hands to you.  I want to work hard at whatever I put my hands to.  I want to touch others in love and goodwill.  I want my hands to be open for whatever you want to give me and willing to release anything you want me to surrender.

Today, I dedicate my feet to you.  I want to go wherever you send me.  I want to walk toward the messes, not run from them.  I want to stand firmly upon the truth and not stumble. – Amen

A Prayer for Forgiveness

Dear Heavenly Father                                                                                               Forgive me for my transgressions (name it and identify it if possible) to (person). I was wrong. Please bless them with peace and heal the wounds I have caused. I pray for their healing and well being in Jesus’ most blessed name – Amen

A Prayer for Anger

Dear Heavenly Father,
Please help me forgive (person) for their sins against me. Today I release the hurt, the anger and all of the underlying emotions to you.  I am turning it all over to you and releasing myself.  You know their actions and only you know them well enough to know their motivation. You are a just God, a good God and a loving God. I release it to you to handle. I am purged and I am free.  Through this release I ask that you send the Holy Spirit to fill me and guide me so that from this moment on I grow to be the man/woman you have planned for me to be. In Jesus our savior’s most blessed name – Amen

A Prayer for Your Enemy

Dear Heavenly Father,

I humbly come before you to lift up (name) to you right now.  I would ask that you embrace him/her and show him/her grace.  Send the Holy Spirit to fill him/her and lead him/her to salvation. Open his/her eyes to you and the truth of the gospel. (Insert verse here when applicable). Rebuke the evil one from his/her life. Help (name) find your love and acknowledge that you are his/her master. Send people across his/her path that will lead him/her to You. Give him/her a repentant heart that sees their waywardness and sees the need for forgiveness and grace.  Deliver (name) from evil, transform his/her life for the battle between us is not of this realm but of the spiritual realm.  Bless him/her in this world and in the next.  In Your Son’s blessed name I pray – Amen 

A Prayer for Your Spouse 

Dear Heavenly Father,                                                                                                        I pray for (name) that you would turn his/her heart back to you. Help me love him/her and give him/her a fresh love for me.  I surrender my rights to you as Lord and ask you to bless him/her as he/she honors you and expose him/her if he/she walks in deceit.  Build him/her up as the man/woman you intend him/her to be.  Help me to support and respect him/her.  I ask for your help to love him/her in Jesus’ name I pray.  (From War Room the Kendricks Bros. movie) 



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