Power of Prayer

I am a prayer warrior. I know that there is not a stronger weapon in the battle of spirituality or a more direct path to communicate with our Creator – Elohim.

I encourage you to engage our Father in relational prayer and improve your daily walk and in turn your daily walk will strengthen your prayer life.

Relational prayer is different from religious prayer in that is not formatted but from the heart.  Share with Him, talk with Him, and most importantly be silent and listen to Him.

If you would like you can email me at   Steve@DoMarriage.com (please see our Privacy Policy – we are discreet) and I will specifically include your name and need(s) in my intercessory prayers.  Be encouraged that you are not alone, your needs are being lifted up and you are loved.

Never stop praying” 1 Thessalonians 5:17


There is a dirty, bruised, and bloody warrior in the coliseum on bended knee. He is in the arena of the battle; not in the gallery of the onlookers and naysayers. He prays to the Heavenly Father as he fights victoriously in the spiritual world. Right now that warrior is fighting and praying for you; lifting you from that pit on the shoulders of prayer. May peace and the fruits of the Holy Spirit come over you and yours in our precious savior, Jesus’s holy name. Amen

Sample Prayers



God bless you on your journey.

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