This site is about your relationship.  The one you are hoping to have one day, the one you are in, the one you are trying desperately to save.

Marriage is a journey not a stopping point.  You can “get” married but if you want to stay married you need to “do” it everyday.  It requires a true servants heart and in the long run will make you a better person.  Does it take effort? Is it a risk? Sure, but I guarantee you that it is worth every bit of the investment!

This page isn’t created by someone who knows all of the answers, who is an expert – relationally, in counseling, or in legal advise. It is about someone who has made mistakes, someone who wants to encourage you to do the wise thing – to Do Marriage with integrity.

Marriage isn’t all about an institution or a legal piece of paper. You can get another marriage. Do Marriage is about uncovering the profound mystery of two people united in a commitment to each other and God and leaning on Him for it to be all it was intended to be.  He created it to be a wonderful, fulfilling, and completing experience.  The longer we are on that journey the more we will individually change and grow. To do it successfully requires integrity.

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The Do Marriage site is to uplift you, give you strength, inspire you, and most importantly to let you know you are not alone on your journey.

God bless you.

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