Sex Appeal Unappealing – A Post by Nicole Reyes

I was searching through the YouVersion Bible App for a new daily devotional when I found one called Daring Faith.  The devotional is well written and each day is accompanied by a short video from the author – Nicole Reyes – that goes a little deeper into the subject.

Nicole is a vivacious speaker and has an amazing perspective on her faith and how to share that with others.  I encourage you to join YouVersion and study the devotional for yourself.


After completing the devotional series I looked up her website and found this article:  Sex Appeal Unappealing.  It really hits home is directly in line with the foundational principles of DoMarriage.

“I’m just going to say it: This sensation with sexy is out of hand. Furthermore, I have no interest in being sexy.” – Nicole Reyes

Nicole’s link has been added to the “Links” page and I encourage you to visit her site and enjoy both her articles and the insightful video presentations.

God bless you on your journey.

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