Faith: How to Make Yours Grow

Four Things to Do Regularly That Will Grow Your Faith

What is faith?  What does the bible say about faith?  Plenty!  Recently I was studying with my men’s group about the different things that God can use to grow our faith.  It was an amazing lesson and one that I really connected with.  There were several big ticket things like providential moments that can and have made an impact in my personal faith walk.  But several days out I started thinking about faith and how hard it is to not waiver.

“…. and it is impossible to please God without faith.” Hebrews 11:6

James, Jesus’ half brother, tells us how to ask in prayer: “But when you ask him, be sure that your faith is in God alone.  Do not waver, for a person with divided loyalty is as unsettled as a wave of the sea that is blown and tossed by the wind.” (James 1:6)

I have to admit – there are many times that I ask God for things that are impossible in the worldly realm.  It’s not that I don’t necessarily believe that He can’t do anything as much as it is of will he do it.

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The bible tells us again and again that if we ask for it it will be given.  Jesus told a parable about a widow woman asking repeatedly and persistently to receive what she wanted from a judge that did not care what man or god thought.  Jesus tells us that it only takes the faith the size of a mustard seed to move a mountain.  Even better he says that nothing would be impossible!


But the question remained for me; How do I stay steadfast in my faith?  What is it that causes it to waiver? The answer was really quite simple.  When I focus on our Heavenly Father and his promises for me my faith is strong.  When I let the evil one sneak in through worldly ways and get me to doubt, my faith started to waiver.  The devil was and is subtle about it – usually it is just a simple question that gets me to start backsliding.  So, I sat down and came up with a simple list of things that I do regularly and daily that refocus my faith back on to our Heavenly Father’s promises for my life.  These actions became the water and nourishment that my mustard seed needed to grow.

1.) Daily Bible reading. Daily devotionals are a great start or even a bible plan that takes you through a portion or the entire bible.  I enjoy using YouVersion Bible App there are others – check out our Links Page for more. God speaks to us directly from His word and often scriptures are referred to as the living word; you may read it with a different meaning every time.  Plan some time alone with God in His word.  I recommend first thing in the morning while you are fresh and there are fewer distractions.

2.) Daily Prayer.  Engaging with God in prayer is both pleasing to Him and the best way to build an intimate relationship and a Christ-like daily walk.  Imagine your daily walk to be similar to the evening strolls that God took with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.  Spend time with the Father for it is good and pleasing to Him.  Remember prayer is also about listening.  Click  here to link to our Prayer Page for more resources.

3.) Fasting.  As Solomon described that the cord of three strands is not easily broken, fasting is the third strand with daily prayer and reading the bible that creates such a cord of the strength in regards to faith.  Fasting is an opportunity to rid the body of worldly toxins while growing nearer to God and His plans for you.  If you have never practised the three together I encourage you to do so even if for a short period.  There are several types: partial, normal or an absolute fast and one is bound to meet your needs. Always use good sense and consult your physician before fasting too radically.  The idea is to give up something meaningful (food) and draw closer to God, not cause bodily harm.

4.) Surrounding yourself with believers.   True believers are true friends. They are aligned with your beliefs and love God the way you do. They are the ones that have the difficult conversations with you.  Don’t shy away from people who are willing to gently call you out when you deviate from The Word.  Small groups and bible study groups are an excellent investment in meeting people on a similar journey and helping you grow your faith.  We all need a support system sometimes.  Having individuals that you can call or spend time with is invaluable – as long as they are not of the world.


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Thank you and God bless you on your journey.

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