The Do Marriage Social Media Challenge

Ok, from postings like Why Marriage Won’t Work Burn the Ships you may gather that I am not a big fan of social media sites consuming an unhealthy amount of our time.  Now, before you start wagging a finger and calling me a hypocrite, yes Do Marriage has a social media page.  I am  not swinging a broad stroke and condemning all social media.  There are definitely some (not many in my opinion) redeeming qualities to social media sites.

Let me tell you about my pivotal moment and maybe it will explain better.

I was laying in bed one night scrolling through my favorite social media page.  My excuse was that I was using it to catch up on the news.  It was beginning to bother me, and I told my wife, that it seemed like I was being inundated with stories of awful things being done to children.  (Update: click here) After awhile I looked at the clock and realized that I had just wasted two hours filling the file cabinet in my brain with worthless and albeit unhealthy information.  Where had the time gone?

This site is all about transparency and I am going to publically admit something that I have only privately done to date.  I had  a person that was listed as a friend.  I know him personally and he is one  of the most two-faced, narcissistic, hypocrital people that I know.  How, do I know? Well it takes (a former) one to know one.  Anyway, it would really get under my skin the things he would post.  One comes to memory where he posted of meme of a bible verse followed by a post of three half naked women sprawled out on the hood of a pickup truck.  I soon realized that while I was getting all worked up over the dichotomy of his posts that he was doing fine.  I was letting someone else’s behavior affect my emotions; and not in a good way.

Admission number two.  Social media has no place in the bedroom. Click here to see why:  Why Marriage Won’t Work

So, realizing that it was consuming an unhealthy amount of my time I went to the extreme and ended my personal account.  I would challenge you to this but the real challenge (below) is much easier.


Here is my personal challenge to you.  You don’t have to shut down your social media page(s).  Just do yourself a favor and track how much time you spend on it and invest at least an equal amount of time reading the Bible and/or praying. (YouVersion Bible App)  Investing time reading verses will give you better recall when daily situations arise that you need them.  I often admit that I know the words and tunes to far more eighty hair band songs than I do Bible verses – but I’m getting better.  Just try it, start small and build up.  Soon you will see the value.

I don’t make many promises but this one I will – you will be better off in the long run.

God bless you on your journey – I am in it with you.

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Thank you and God bless you on your journey.

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