Burn the Ships

In 1519 Spanish conquistador and explorer Hernando Cortez decided that he would do what had not been in six-hundred years.  His unlikely feat was to sail the ocean with 500 soldiers 100 sailors and seize the treasure the Aztecs Indians of Mexico had hoarded.  However, once he landed on the foreign shores some of his men, having doubts about their own numbers and attacking a six-hundred year old civilization began to plot to seize some ships and sail for friendly Cuba.  You see his men were not completely committed and he knew that if retreat was an option that his men would not be focused and one-hundred percent committed to the task.  His solution?  Burn the ships.  Once the ships were gone it was victory or death, all or nothing. And it worked!

Listen up all of those that are not 110% committed to your relationship and men I am primarily talking directly to you.  I heard the excuse just today; “why should I do it if she won’t?”  I’ll tell you why, and you can push back, argue or just flat out reject what I’m about to tell you it won’t surprise me.  In fact I don’t blame you – I used to think it was ludicrous too.  I am here to tell you it’s not.

You are the spiritual leader of your relationship and if you aren’t step up and be so before any more damage is done.  You want to be a leader – then do it.  Burn the ships!  All of them. Don’t disable them – destroy them, obliterate them, sink them so deep that they can’t return.  Don’t let the fear of uncertainty overcome you.


What ships you ask?  Here is a partial list: Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook, any dating, infidelity or other “trolling” sites you may be on.  Delete them; burn that ship.  Your contact list, clean it up – you don’t need her information I don’t care how close of High School friends you were.  Your playlist of music, anything that refers to women, yes any woman, as anything less than a princess – burn it!  Dehumanizing songs referring to dancing like a stripper, calling women bitches or whores – delete them. Don’t hesitate do it now.  And don’t look back.  Your movie collection – you know which ones – anything that objectifies women at any rating; burn that ship.   That secret photo vault on your smart phone or any photos that you should be ashamed of – burn the ship!

Don’t make excuses, don’t try to justify it and certainly don’t look for loopholes.  Be a man, be a leader, and just do it.  Do it for yourself, for your spiritual and intimate health; but most of all do it for her.  Don’t just tell her you love her, show her. Commit wholeheartedlyyou will thank me later.


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Thank you and God bless you on your journey.

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2 thoughts on “BURN THE SHIPS!

  1. Have burned plenty…. im sure there’s more to burn that I’m not seeing or thinking of as a ship to burn!
    Thank you for calling me and my loopholes out!

    Liked by 1 person

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