One For The Busy Moms

This idea is all my mom’s – God rest her soul – I miss her dearly.

I am one of seven raised by a hardworking single mom. Mom – the job that never ends. Let me tell you what mine did to get some relief.

The local sporting goods store had a table where they would put all of the custom made jerseys and shirts that were not sold. Sometimes the lettering would be off, the numbers wrong, or they were just never claimed.  The orphaned shirts were sold at deep discounts; usually less than the value of the shirt.

I remember, and I was young, that one day my mom found this awful looking black and yellow jersey numbered double zero with the name ‘Ralph’ on the back in the bargain bin.  It was her size and soon it was hers. But here’s the best part!

One day a week she would put the shirt on and she was no longer mom.  She was Ralph.  She wouldn’t answer to ‘mom’; she was off.  If we wanted anything, and it couldn’t be mom related, we had to address her as Ralph.

Here is to all of the moms who need a Ralph day.  Guys, take notice; your loved one will deeply appreciate all you can do to give her some time off kids or no kids.  Never forget to remind her that she is, always has been, and always will be more than enough! 

Soon I will share how to use seven kids to get the grocery store manager to do your grocery shopping for you.

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Thank you and God bless you on your journey.

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