Parallels Between Swimming and Where I Am in My Marriage.

I once told a friend that swimming is like my marriage. I was terrible at swimming but once I did get help it made me aware of some things.

1.)  I know how to do it well enough to stay afloat. I just didn’t know how bad I was until I got the right help.

2.) It’s difficult but gets easier once someone shows you the techniques.

3.) It’s the subtleties in your actions that make all the difference in how much effort you have to exert.

4.) The more I practice the better I get.

5.) I didn’t realize how much I had to learn.

6.) It takes daily commitment and practice to get better.

7.) I love the challenge and learning and doing better never gets old.

8.) The better I get the more I enjoy it.

9.) It’s never any fun, or safe, to do it alone.

10.) I enjoy getting (Godly) advice from those that are better than me.

11.) The better you get the depth of the water and the distance you need to go become less of a concern.

I love to swim!                    IMG_0043

And I LOVE Marriage!!

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